1. The Specification Of E Bike

Multijoy Spaniel bike's GW:97lb,NW: 72lb.

Multijoy Spaniel's bike is suitable for people who are 5.2-6.2 feet to ride.

The Multijoy Spaniel bike comes with a free rear rack, front and rear fenders, water cup holder, tool bag, baseball cap, spare screws, exclusive medal and tool box.

Congratulations on your purchase of a new Multijoy eBike! Your bike comes in the box partly assembled.

Inside the box you will find your new bike, a charger, keys, and a user manual and a gift box. Before removing the packaging material from the bike, remove all items from the box and make sure everything listed above is present. If anything is missing or damaged contact Multijoy bike immediately for assistance.

The bike may require adjustments upon being received and unboxed, as shipping can sometimes be bumpy. When doing your first adjustment and inspecting the bike before riding we recommend seeking professional help from a reputable, certified bicycle mechanic.
After checking the accessories, please read the user manual carefully and check the assembly steps!
User Manual Download Below

Just like mobile phones, the batteries of the electric bike don't like extreme cold and heat. If the battery is put in extreme temperature, its life expectancy would dramatically deteriorate and even it may result in a fire which poses a huge threat to people's lives and property. Hence if you live in an area where the summer is too hot or the winter is too cold, it's advisable for you to store your bike in your home. Note that it's unnecessary for you to take the battery off the bike when you store it. Also, don't let the battery run out of charge completely and leave it in your storehouse for a long time, and don't leave your electric bike out in the heavy rain or snow. As for the place to store the bike, it's ideal to put it on flat ground rather than putting it on rough land with uneven holes in case the bike falls and damages its components.

2. Cycling Related Information

Maximum speed is 15.5 mph

Multijoy Bike is sealed well enough for the bikes to be safely ridden in light rain.

However, it is not recommended to ride them through very heavy downpours, or through flooded streets when the crank and/or the motor can get splashed or even covered with water. It is best to take shelter until the rain eases and the roads are no longer covered with water.

Up to 45-70 miles, more or less depending your riding style, level of pedal assist an/or throttle, rider weight, hills, and headwinds/tailwinds.

The total payload capacity of Multijoy Spaniel can be up to 350lbs.

3. Battery Related Information

Yes, the Multijoy Spaniel battery is an aluminum alloy casing, which can effectively prevent scratches while increasing heat dissipation.

Yes, the Multijoy Spaniel battery can be removed and charged separately or in the car

Multijoy Spaniel battery is 48V 20AH, 960WH

Charging takes 6-9 hours, depending on how much charge is left in your battery

4. Bike Care Information

Tips about locking and parking:
Lock your e-bike with different types of locks. Using multiple locks is not only a deterrent for thieves, but it also slows them down. And, usually, thieves are less likely to carry multiple different penetrating tools when stealing an e-bike. This will greatly reduce the risk of the e-bike being stolen.
Lock the frame and wheels as close together as possible to an e-bike rack so that gives the thief little room to move when they steal the e-bike.
Please park your bike indoors, such as in your home and garage. Instead of parking in front of your home or on the road. If you have to park outside, please park your bike in a well-lit and CCTV parking area if possible.

Before every ride, and after every 25-45 miles(40-72 km), we advise following the pre-ride safety checklist.
Lists Safety Check
Brakes Ensure front and rear brakes work properly.
Check brake pads for wear and ensure they are not overworn.
Ensure brake pads are correctly positioned in relation to the rims.
Ensure brake cables are lubricated, correctly adjusted, and display no obvious wear.
Ensure brake levers are lubricated and tightly secured to the handlebar.
Test that the brake levers are firm and that the brake and the brake light are functioning properly
Wheels and Tires Ensure tires are inflated within the recommended limits posted on the tire sidewalls and hold air.
Ensure tires have good tread, have no bulges or excessive wear, and are free from any other damage. Ensure rims run true and have no obvious wobbles, dents, or kinks.
Ensure all wheel spokes are tight and not broken.
Check axle nuts and front wheel quick release to ensure they are tight.
Ensure the locking lever on the quick release skewer is correctly tensioned, fully closed, and secured.
Steering Ensure the handlebar and stem are correctly adjusted, tightened, and allow proper steering.
Perform a handlebar twist test to ensure the stem clamp bolt security.
Ensure the handlebar is set correctly in relation to the fork and the direction of travel.
Chain Ensure the chain is clean, oiled, and runs smoothly.
Extra care is required in wet, salty/otherwise corrosive, or dusty conditions.
Bearings Ensure all bearings are lubricated, run freely, and display no excess movement, grinding, or rattling.
Check headset, wheel bearings, pedal bearings, and bottom bracket bearings.
Cranks and Pedals Ensure pedals are securely tightened to the cranks.
Ensure the cranks are securely tightened and are not bent.
Derailleur and Mechanical Cables Check that the derailleur is adjusted and functioning properly.
Ensure shifter and brake levers are attached to the handlebar securely.

It is strongly recommended that the electric bike should be cleaned at least once a month. Ideally, if you have more spare time, it would be even better to clean your bike every time after a ride. When you scrub the electric bike, don't point a high-pressure hose directly at the e-bike's components, which may damage its waterproof seals. Even worse, it would force water in them and cause the malfunction of the machine. Therefore, just use a clean cloth. Also, please pay more attention to dirt, sand, grit, and mud sticking in every part of the bike, such as in the derailleur, in the chain, and around the wheels. Moreover, you should dry up your bike after washing it. The mechanic experts also advise the users to lubricate the chain, derailleur, cables, etc. After applying the lubricant to different parts of the bike, wait for several minutes and then wipe off the excess lubricant. In all, keeping your bike clean and lubricated will make it moving smoothly, enhance its life as well as ensure the bike works properly as it should.

5. Owner's Manual

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